About Us

Optimystical Studios is proud to announce our sibling company Valid, a collection of beautiful products that aim to affirm people who are part of a marginalized or minority orientation or identity.

We like to say we make “sundries for queering life”, because from jewelry to home goods, we create items that let you be you.

One of our goals is to make the world a more open and accepting place for people of all gender identities and sexual or romantic orientations, and we can achieve this through education and a positive attitude.

At any display of Valid jewelry we will strive to answer all honest questions in a plain and non-judgemental way. While we won’t stand for harassment of our-selves or our customers, we will treat those who wish to understand the plethora of flag options better with the same respect we wish to be treated. No one is born knowing everything and the flags of our parent’s generation are not the flags of our generation.