Post Secondary

What is Post Secondary?

Post Secondary is Valid’s new line of Gender Affirming Shapewear. We’re redesigning these garments from the ground up to be comfortable and affordable!

The 1st piece in our line is Alex, our new tucking panty for Transfeminine folks.


Here are just a few of Alex’s features:


  • One of the many R&D test drives included tucking in these for 14 hours at Emerald City Comic Con
    • “I don’t have to give these back do I?”
  • We’ve positioned the seams so they don’t rub anywhere sensitive
  • Breathable fabric
  • These are made with a couple of great fabrics that allow them to stretch where needed, and stay put where they need to hold
  • That means no more heat exhaustion from your undies

Boy Short Cut

  • Cute
  • Looks good on pretty much every human
  • Gender neutral cut

Great Hold

  • These were tested with varying degrees of activity to see how well they kept things tucked and even at high levels of bending, lifting, sitting, standing, and walking they performed beautifully.
  • The most active day (and 14 hours of wear) lead to “very slight shifting” and a “minor bump” at the end of the day (7 hours after last adjustment).

Nice Colors & Lace Options

  • Our initial run will be made in 3 colors; black, red, and antique rose

  • You can add Red, Black, Gray, Rose, or Light Purple lace to the waist of your tucking panties

  • As the line gains traction we will be able to offer more colors and patterns.

Inclusive Sizing

  • Our initial run will have 7 sizes ranging from XS to 3XL

Our initial run was funded through an Indiegogo Pre-Order Campaign. While we are getting the surveys back from the campaign supporters we have opened up Pre-Orders for everyone else. In addition to being able to pre-order your own pair of Alex tucking panties, we are also giving people the option to support our trans and nonbinary community by donating pairs of the Alex tucking panties through Point of Pride, who will distribute them to Transgender people in need.

Want to share our Press Release? Download the PDF.

More information on the Alex tucking panties:

How much are the Alex Tucking Panties?

A single pair is $30. A three (3) pack is $75. And a seven (7) pack is $180.

How much will it cost to ship my Alex Tucking Panties to me?

All tucking panties will be shipped by USPS Priority so that all items include tracking numbers. If you are in the US, 1 & 3 packs are $7 shipping. 7 packs are $12. If you are international, 1 & 3 packs are $23 shipping. 7 packs are $30.

How do I wash/dry my new tucking panties?

The main body of the Alex tucking panties are a nylon/spandex mix, and this is the part that needs the most care when it comes to washing and drying. We recommend washing on delicate/cold with like fabrics and colors, or by hand. Dry flat or draped on a rack.

Yes, hand-washing will keep your undergarments looking new for longer (regardless of who you get them from), but lets face it most of us just don’t have time for that. In our testing we also made sure that the delicate cycle was a good fit and we haven’t had any issues.

Some detergents are really rough on fabrics, especially those with stretch. If you want to keep your new tucking panties in top shape for longer, a good fabric wash is a good investment.

You say a good fabric wash is a good investment, do you have a favorite?

We do. One of the things we looked into while developing these panties was how to keep them looking and feeling good longer. Knowing the wear that regular detergents put on transmasculine binders, we wanted to tackle that from the start. While reading an article about the Queen of England’s bras we found out about an American company called Forever New. They make fabric care especially designed for fine garments, and Oh My Gosh does it work amazing! When we used the regular wash on well worn sports bras they got most of their like-new stretch back.


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What’s Next for Post Secondary?

We are already working on designs for a longer leg tucking panties that will have pockets to hold the custom designed silicone hip pads we had custom made. After that we have plans to tackle the chest binder for transmasculine folks, make breast forms and bras that suit them more accessible and diverse, make undergarments that make packing easier, and the list goes on.