Post Secondary

What is Post Secondary?

Post Secondary is Valid’s new line of Gender Affirming Shapewear. We’re redesigning these garments from the ground up to be comfortable and affordable!

Meet Alex, our new tucking panty for Transfeminine folks. Here are just a few of Alex’s features:

  • Comfortable
    • One of the many R&D test drives included tucking in these for 14 hours at Emerald City Comic Con
      • “I don’t have to give these back do I?”
    • We’ve positioned the seams so they don’t rub anywhere sensitive
  • Boy Short Cut
    • Cute
    • Looks good on pretty much every human
    • Gender neutral cut
    • Breathable
    • These are made with a couple of great fabrics that allow them to stretch where needed, stay put where they need to hold, and breathe.
    • That means no more heat exhaustion from your undies
  • Great Hold
    • These were tested with varying degrees of activity to see how well they kept things tucked and even at high levels of bending, lifting, sitting, standing, and walking they performed beautifully.
    • The most active day (and 14 hours of wear) lead to “very slight shifting” and a “minor bump” at the end of the day (7 hours after last adjustment).
  • Colors
    • Or initial run will be made in 3 colors; black, red, and antique rose
    • As the line gains traction we will be able to offer more colors, patterns, and options with lace


Post Secondary Launch

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